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The forces of evil, which had lain low for some days, suddenly strike. Shri Nathji has a sudden mist before his eyes in the early hours of the morning. Priya Nath panics and fears the worst. “Thheek ho rahi hai. Ab to Finally by 2 p.m. the vision is restored to normal by itself and the terrible nightmare is over. “One must not rush to doctors at once, but wait for the illness to clear up by itself!”For some reason Shri Nathji does not write a single word on that day. It is the first such day in two years. Shri Nathji makes another cryptic statement:“Piyaji, mujhe worry hai,“I am worried. The time is slipping past and we are not doing anything!”Shri Nathji had often urged Priya Nath to get the worldly affairs attended to–like the Dehra Dun house, the Mussoorie house, Pran Nath’s marriage, the rent case, etc., and Priya Nath had found no time to attend to these problems.