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A large group of visitors arrives from Maharashtra–relatives of Bal Ojarkar of Akola. There is Jyoti, Bal Ojarkar’s daughter, who has an undying faith in Shri Nathji, and there is her husband, a certain Japtiwale, and another son-in-law of Bal Ojarkar, a certain Dr. Belhekar from Poona and his wife and daughter, along with two sons of Bal Ojarkar.“Bal Ojarkar is my Priya Nath asks the visitors to stay in the house for the night even though the place is too small to accommodate so many people. Priya Nath sends them bananas, apples, biscuits and Diwali sweets. Shri Nathji says to Priya Nath:“Aapk“Your Nature is very much like that of Babaji. He, too, loved to play the host and was fond of guests.”“Jo bhee aataa thhaa usse ghar men rakh lete thhe–phir pyaar men aakar jaane hee naheen dete thhe, jab tak vo bhag na jaaye! “No matter who came he would keep him in his house, and, out of love, would not let him go, until he ran away!” Shri Nathji added laughingly.Shri Nathji and Priya Nath have a hearty laugh as Priya Nath describes Shri Nathji’s attitude towards guests as bordering on “miserliness”–because Shri Nathji had said to Priya Nath: “Enough biscuits have been given to them already!”“Ham to Shankar Bhole Nath huye na, jo apni samadhi men hee baithe raihte hain! “After all I am Shankar Bhole Nath who is constantly in his meditation!”