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There is another narrow escape for Shri Nathji as he almost chokes on a Vitamin C tablet while swallowing it. The episode could have become a medical emergency. It was dreadful to see Shri Nathji’s face turn red even as he coughed violently and choked on the tablet while Priya Nath thumped him on his back and shoulders to dislodge the tablet. “Priyaji, kissee doctor ko poochh lenaa chahiye in goliyon ke baare men!“Priyaji, some doctor should be consulted about these tablets.”Priya Nath had been filled with the dread of the cancer still lurking inside Shri Nathji’s body, and had placed implicit faith in the book written by Dr. Linus Pauling about Vitamin C. Dr. Pauling had said that Vitamin C would prevent any cancer from spreading and generally make the body immune to disease.