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Shri Nathji’s ghazal writing continues assiduously causing Priya Nath to say humorously at one point:“Iss tarah ghazalen likh rahe ho jaise kissee ne koyi imtihaan paas karnaa ho!“Pitaji, you are writing ghazals like one who has to pass an examination!”Little did Priya Nath realise at that time that Shri Nathji was showering revelation upon revelation upon the world through these divine edicts, and that he knew that time was running short and he had to flood the world with His Divine Thoughts before He left.“Rahenge iss jahaan men taa abad naamon nishaan mere“The Signs of My Existence shall remain forever in this world, Priya Nath put this ghazal to the tune of Shri Nathji’s previous ghazal:“Meri ghazalon kaa guldastaa jahaan vaalo mubaarik ho,“This bouquet of my ghazals brings good tidings to the people of the world,