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Shri Nathji refers to the unparalleled devotion of Dandewali, Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt, and how she had once said to him:“Prabhuji! Mujhe paanch sau gaaliyaan de denaa–magar darbaar se naa nikaalnaa, agar mujh se koyi dhrishtataa ho jaaye!“Prabhuji! Chide me five hundred times if you must, but never throw me out of your darbaar if I commit any impertinence!”Shri Nathji was referring to the state of abject surrender of a devotee before His God.“NO POWER ON EARTH CAN DESTROY THIS MAHAGRANTH! And then, just as suddenly, he began to laugh and said:“Daraa diyaa thhaa aapko! Iss liye ab hans rahaa hoon!“I had frightened you, perhaps! That is why I am laughing now!”Indeed Shri Nathji’s admonitions and warnings carried greater love than even his divine embrace, and those who accepted them were purified from within.