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Shri Vasudeva, the Superintendent Engineer of the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, comes for a visit, and Shri Nathji floods him with His Love and Blessings and recollects those days of his illness in the Hospital when Shri Vasudeva had given him every comfort that he could give. ‘Aapki chitthee se mujheMain aur meri I and my wife were a devoted couple for 56 years. While she was alive I did everything that I could do for her. But now she has reached a place where I cannot do anything for her–but you can. Send her your blessings.’ “And Sir Sultan Ahmed added: ‘Meri ‘The going away of my wife has revealed to me that I, too, must go away one day.‘Maine unke aakhari vakt ki‘The going away of my wife has shown to me that I too must go away one day. I had seen the agony of her last moments. I have a request to make of you–pray for me that my last moments may be peaceful.’”It was a very touching story that Shri Nathji was fond of narrating to people, for it brought home the ultimate reality that faced the people of the world, a stage that all had to pass through.