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Priya Nath had never forgotten how Shri Nathji had given a small beautiful sermon to him on the eve of his departure from London in 1966. It was the one and only time that Shri Nathji ever gave a speech for the benefit of Priya Nath even as he was returning to America after his summer vacation. The sermon had brought tears into the eyes of Priya Nath and even made Shri Nathji remark:“Wah, Priyaji aaj kaisaa kamaal kaa“Oh Piyaji, what a wondrous flow of words has come today!”Priya Nath had tape recorded the speech and had later played it before his friends in America who were deeply moved by it. Unfortunately, over the years, Priya Nath had lost the tape recording and always regretted the great loss.“Sange magnatees ki ho lauh meri qabr par“Let the tombstone on my grave be made of magnetic stone,After the satsang that night, Shri Nathji dictated a beautiful ghazal to Priya Nath, enlarging upon the above verse.“Kashishe ke ishq daarad na guzaar datt badeesaanThe attraction of the world will not let thee go,Dam labon par hai meraa, aa jo tujhe aana haiMy last breath is on my lips, come if thou willst come, even nowShri Nathji is not one to dwell on gloomy verses more than is necessary. His own poetry contains only the intoxication of Divine Bliss which flows out from him all the time. It is a poetry which carries only hope and optimism for the devotee.