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At Delhi his thunderous lectures continue to the Kapahis and the Tandons, who bring a young medical student with them. “ Jahaan davaa fail kar jaati hai,“When medicine fails,Shri Nathji would always tell doctors: “Davaa aur Duaa dono hi zaroori hain.“Medicine and Prayer, both are necessary.”Another phrase Shri Nathji would use to praise certain doctors was:“Aapke haath men shafaa hai!”“Your hand contains a healing touch!”No matter how ill Shri Nathji would be at any time he would never let the doctors or anyone else ever know of his suffering. He had two very apt verses for this state:“Dard hoon dekhne aao to davaa ban jaayoon “I am pain, but when thou cometh before me I become a cure,And:“Unke aa jaane se chehre pe aa jaati hai jo raunak“His coming does bring such a joy to my faceShri Nathji also quoted the verse of the devotee in pain who would say to God:“Tumhee ne dard diyaa hai tumhee davaa denaa “Thou hast given me the pain, give me now the cure, Shri Nathji would say: