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The night does not end there. Back at home Shri Nathji is surrounded by the devotees from Akola and Nagpur and Amarvati and Aurangabad, as well as Punjab and Delhi. And for another fifty minutes a scene of unparalleled bliss rains down on the small gathering in the living room.There is the ghazal:“Ye maahe June kyaa hai ik nazzaara hai nazzaaron kaa!“This month of June is the Glory of all Glories!”And the ghazal which Shri Nathji especially loves:“Ghanghor ghataayen chhaayi hain, Rut badli aaj zamaane ki“Clouds gather in the skies, a change is in the offing in the world,Indeed even as Shri Nathji had been speaking to the people at Sapru House clouds had gathered in the skies and there was rain that came down upon the people of the city and indeed in Northern India for the first time after many days! The grand finale to the night’s bliss comes when Priya Nath plays Shri Nathji’s ghazal on the tape recorder:“Navaa khush hai, sabaa khus hai ke ye saaraa jahaan khus hai“The sounds are beautiful, the breeze is beautiful, the garden is full of joy!SUDDENLY SHRI NATHJI GETS UP FROM HIS CHAIR AND BEGINS A DIVINE DANCE WHICH LASTS FOR SEVERAL MINUTES.All the devotees present in the room get up and begin dancing with him. “O Nathji, aap itne kasht hamaare liye saihan karte hain!“O Nathji, how many pains you take just to give us Bliss!”The occasion is at an end. A Magnificent 24th of June has come to an end.