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This is the introduction to His Holiness Shri Bhola Nathji Maharaj, which was given to a packed Sapru House at New Delhi on June 24, 1983. The audience consisted of leading intellectuals, dignitaries, diplomats and the general public. The introductory speech was delivered byPriya Nath Mehta:“Kaare bagair ishq na daarem dar jahaan“I have no mission except Love in this world.We see before us today a world on the brink of disaster. The most advanced countries of the world are poised for a nuclear war. Hundreds and thousands of atomic weapons are aimed at each other. Even the slightest accident, the smallest miscalculation may trigger off an atomic war, which shall cause terrible devastation on earth, and perhaps destroy the human species, and cause such misery and suffering as has never been before.“Har shaakh par hai baag men sayyaad ki nigaah “The Hunter has his eye on every branch of this tree of life,Mankind has made this cycle of life and death a vicious one. There is hatred, along with scientific achievement and material advancement. Competition has given place to the law of the jungle where it is only survival for the fittest. Terrible acts of violence are perpetrated by man against his fellow creatures all in the name of advancement. How can all this be changed? How can man make his existence on this earth into a heaven?“Jab kabhee chalti hai baade intazaare raihbari“Whenever the winds of expectancy sweep the earth for the coming of a Great Soul,These messengers come into this world to kindle once again the flame of Love, and they bring with them the message of Love Divine, which alone can change ordinary love to universal love, and unite mankind.“Kabhee ai Haqueeqate Muntazar nazar aa libaase majaaz men“O Thou much awaited Reality, appearFor thousands of prostrations await their fulfillment upon my forehead.”“Be-hijaabaanaa daraa az dare kaashaanaye maa“Enter thou within these doors without the slightest hesitation It is in that spirit that today’s meeting has been held. “Ye vohi aavaaz hai jo yug yug men aati rahi hai.”“It is that same voice which has come to mankind through the centuries.”Mr.R.R.Khanna who was then the Registrar of Lucknow University, and a confirmed atheist and scientist, found fulfillment in the personality of His Holiness. This is what he had to say about him:“Kyaa khoob shakl iss bute kaafir adaa ki hai “What beauty surrounds the face of this dazzling unbeliever,Sardar Kapoor Singh, the President of the Theosophical Society in Delhi would say of Shri Nathji:“Mere mehboob ki soorat Khudaa se milti julti hai“The face of my Beloved resembles that of God,Father Malachy in London, a renowned saint in his own right, said of Shri Nathji:“My most reverential prostrations to you. Most respected and benevolent your Holiness:“Nath, Ghulam Rue ZameenHis Holiness has not built any organizations, because his mission includes the whole of mankind. For to include only a few is to exclude the rest. He belongs to all and all belong to him. He brings the message of Divine Love to the whole of mankind, regardless of sect, creed or faith.