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These were the days when L.R.Khanna was still bringing the afternoon meals from his home from Permanand Nagar, near Kingsway Camp, which was practically on the other side of Delhi. The trip on his two wheeler would take Shri Khanna about two hours in the morning rush hour, and the food would become cold and unpalatable. Re-heating would make it lose much of its flavour, but Shri Nathji was so pleased with the man’s devotion that he allowed him to bring the food even after Sudha had become well enough to cook. “Khannaji, jab se aap khaana laa rahe hain aapke chehre pe noor aa gayaa hai!“Khannaji, ever since you have been bringing the food, a divine radiance has come upon your face.”And peace and prosperity and happiness rained down upon the Khanna household during these days of his small offering to the Lord of Creation.