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As a matter of fact there was only one man in the whole world to whom Lord Krishna had revealed his Viraat Roop and that man was Arjuna. Later the world came to accept that one man’s experience.“Agar jal ne aapki pyaas ko bujhaayaa hai to ye sidhaanta nishchit ho gayaa ke vo har ek ki pyaas ko bujhaa saktaa hai!“If water has quenched your thirst, then a principle has been established that it can quench the thirst of all!”“I never attach any significance to numbers. One genuine seed is enough to produce a countless number of seeds. Of what use gathering a large number of roasted seeds which cannot give rise to even one genuine seed.”“Ye jamaal hai yaa kamaal hai?”“Is this a Radiance or a Miracle?”Shri Nathji walks his usual hundred rounds, covering, back and forth, the length of the big room and adjoining verandah,. He is wearing his maroon sweater and has a thin, light Jaipur quilt thrown across his shoulders.