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The powerful satsangs continue in the nights that follow, when the apparent storm in a tea-cup appears to have disappeared. And Shri Nathji says in an exhilarating tone:“ISS BAAT KI KHUSHI MANAAO KE BHAGWAN KO PAA LIYAA HAI!“Take joy in the knowledge that you have attained God!”The beautiful ghazals of the day are:Suraahi bhar rahi thhee jab ke paimaanaa vahaan aayaaThe goblet was being filled when the cup arrivedTeri taraf jo dekhaa shikve nikal gayeWhen I looked at Thee all misgivings were gone!There was also:Milee hai gul ko jab bulbul va shamaa ko hai parvaanaa,When the rose has found the nightingale, and the moth its flame,And Shri Nathji’s masterpiece:In baadaa-haaye ishq se paimaaana jal gayaaThe wine of Thy Love has set to fire the cup,Shri Nathji and Priya Nath have a very late dinner that night, after which Shri Nathji walks around in the big room and adjoining verandah before going to sleep.