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There is rain and a thunderstorm as the month of June progresses towards the 23rd. Shri Nathji writes a new ghazal which he urges Priya Nath to sing at Sapru House:“Baade bahaar aayi gulshan khile hamaare”“The breeze of Spring has come and our flowers do bloom!”There are moments when Shri Nathji feels a fatigue in his shoulders from excessive writing and Priya Nath massages and presses his shoulders and back over his clothes.“Wah, Piyaji! Saari thhakaavat door kar di!“Wonderful, Piyaji! You have removed the entire fatigue!”Priya Nath assiduously prepares the English introduction he proposes to give on Shri Nathji at Sapru House. It is only he who knows the reality of Shri Nathji, his background and history to perfection, and no other person can introduce Shri Nathji. Shri Nathji himself would always take shelter behind the words, “Ghulam Rue Zameen” i.e. “Slave of all humanity”, but Priya Nath wanted people to find out who Shri Nathji really was.