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These are the days when readings are carried out from Shri Nathji’s masterpiece monograph: “Nath Dharm” at Shri Nathji’s asking. NATH DHARMVo umrra aa rahaa hai dekhiye sailaab raihmat kaa That Ocean of Mercy is now surging forth,Nikaaloongaa main her kaante se laakhon jhoomte gulshanA million flowers shall emerge from a single thorn, Kaare baghair ishq naa daarem dar jahaanI have no mission except Love in this world, My mission is Love and my work is LoveThe eyes that see the meaning of a word are different from the eyes that see the word. Different senses exist for different perceptions. The ears can hear but they cannot see. The eyes can see but they cannot hear. We need a different sense of preception to see God–and that is found in the purity of the heart.“Kulzame Hasti men jab ik laihar see paidaa huyi“When a wave arose in that Ocean of Existence, Eeshaavaasyamidam sarvam Whatever exists before us is Brahm–Look again at the ring and the gold. They are united and yet separate, or appear to be separate. If there was just ‘gold’ nothing could be done with it, but once it is moulded into the shape of a ring it can be worn on the finger and sold in a jeweller’s shop.Jab Brahm tatva ko dekhaa jaataa hai to sab kuchh voh hi voh ho jaataa hai, aur baaki vishva mitthyaa ho jaataa haiWhen we look at the Foundation of Brahm, then everything becomes He and He alone, and the rest of the world becomes an illusion, which is non-existent. Jab Brahm drishti ko chhorr kar vishva ko dekhaa jaataa hai to ye satya hotaa hai.When we forget Brahm and look at the world, it becomes real. Where does the world go when one is merged in Brahm consciousness? The world becomes merged into Him, just like a dream world merges into the dreamer when he wakes up.Brahm Bhaav men vishva vileen ho jaataa hai.In the Thought of God, the world merges into Him. This does not mean that the external world ceases to exist – it merely ceases to look separate from God. It becomes like the ring which retains its outward form as a ring but is KNOWN to be gold by the beholder. There are thus four states before us: (1) The world of the wakeful state, which is this solid world before us. (2) The dream world– in which the world of the wakeful state vanishes. (3) Sound Sleep – in which the world of the wakeful state as well as the world of the dreams vanishes. (4) Deep Medtation–in which all the three states above vanish. That which is solid in one state becomes invisible in another state, and in the third state both vanish, while in the fourth state even the consciousness of their vanishing ceases to exist. i.e. Naa hone kaa bhi naa honaa. This is the philosophy of “Hamaa Ost’’ in Persian, in which the believer calls the Universe, Brahm-God, and the atheist calls it the world. In this school of thought without Brahm nothing can exist, not even the atheist: Haq jahaan asto jahaan jumlaa badan Taucheed hameenasto deegar haa hamaa fanGod is the Life of the Universe, God is like the seed which is hidden and which appears in the form of the tree and its leaves and flowers and fruits. God is like the water, which takes the many forms of the waves, storms and bubbles.“Sarv khalvidam Brahm“All that exists is Brahm-God.”There are some who do not believe that everything that exists is Brahm or HE Himself. According to them the Universe and God are two separate entities, and that God created the world. This is like saying that the Ocean “created” the bubble or the wave. In fact there is no difference between the two views.“Akohambahusyaam” I am one let there be manyor“Kun-Fayyakun”“Exist” as in Islamor“Let there be Light and there was light” No matter which of the above views is taken to be correct, we have to accept God as the Creator.Agar ussne apne aapko poorna roop men pragat kar diyaa hotaa to usko praapt karne ki ichhaa khatam ho jaati.If He had revealed Himself in the fulness of His qualities, the desire to know Him would have come to an end.Har roop men vo pragat hai, He is revealed as EXISTENCE in every form that exists, but concealed in the form of His Bliss and Knowledge. Those who seek Him in the fulness of His Glory and the Perfection of His Knowledge are hardly able to bear the effulgence of His Glory: Main jo shauk se kadam barrhaa kar chalaaAs I went forth with great joy towards Him, stepping along the path Even as man needs air, whether he is awake or asleep, in a like manner man needs God consciously or unconsciously. Svaabhaavik anubhav to sivaaye Brahm ke kissee aur vastu ka ho hee naheen saktaa. Par svaabhaavik ko pratyaksha men laanaa hai.The spontaneous experience of man is that of God alone and of nothing else, but man must convert that spontaneous experience to a reality. Everyone and everything, has LOVE within himself or itself, and LOVE is another name for Bliss and Happiness. “ Athhaa to Brahm Jigyaasaa “ O Man seek after Him.” God is Existence, Happiness, Love – and everyone wants these. He is Sat-Chit-Anand i.e. Truth, Conciousness and Bliss.The world and the Universe are however limited and need a Creator.The human heart speaks of someone behind the vell. The drop speaks of the ocean.Darkness speaks of Light. The small proves the existence of the Big.The drop of water speaks of the existence of the Ocean.Man’s helplessness speaks of a God who is powerful. A child’s cries speak of a mother who cares for him. A drowning man cries for Air and proves that Air exists.Sufferings in Life force man to seek God. Man’s desire for help becomes a Prayer to God. And the answers to his prayers prove the existence of God.Man contains limited knowledge. Yet he is getting newer and newer inspirtations as time evolves. From where do new ideas, new inspirations, new inventions, and new knowledge come to man? There must be some source from which they originated for the evolution of the world.A moment before, there was nothing in your mind, and later new thoughts arise within –––where did they come from? Surely not from a nothingness. They came from some source of Unlimited Knowledge which is revealed to man in parts. This Unlimited Knowledge which is forever manifesting itself through man in the form of newer and newer discoveries has existed ever since Creation and is a proof of that Eternal All Powerful Existence, All Knowledge, Brahm. “Ye to anubhav ho gayaa hai ke sansaar aisee jagah naheen jahaan ham lagen, magar lagen to kahaan lagen?“It has been realised time and again that this world is not something to which we must attach ourselves, but if attach ourselves we must, then to whom or to what?I said to him: Jo ghaafil vasl men hokar talaashe vasl men bhaage The ignorant one, who being in union runs after union,You are standing. There is a light behind you. The bigger you become, the more your shadow will enlarge itself in front of you. The smaller you become the smaller will the sphere of darkness of your shadow become. You disappear altogether–and there is light and only light. The darkness is gone in its totality.Jab aap bilkul samaapt ho jaate hain to chaaron or prakaash hi prakash raih jaataa hai. The “I” of man is bound in the things of the world. It is bound in desires, it is bound in his body, and in his relatives, it is bound in union and separation. Guzashtam az sare matlab tamaam shud matlabWhen I removed myself from Desire, I discovered that it was the DesireBefore desire arises, there is no desire, which means there is no sorrow. Desire takes man away from his own self, which was free of desire to begin with. Dil raa saaf kuni ham choon aayinaa When thou cleanest thy heart like a mirror When the mirror of your heart is filled with dust, or when it is shaking, you cannot see anything clearly in it. But when it is clean and pure, and it is not shaking, then you can see in it a FACE, and something tells you that the Face is that of God. “Maan kar dekhaa jaataa hai.“You must believe first and then see. Raaste ke baad ghar miltaa hai. One reaches the destination only after walking on the path. The conversation between the lawyer and myself went as follows: