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Shri Nathji always admired the British for their punctuality and often spoke of the Oxford University Professor, Robin Ferguharson, who had met Shri Nathji at London. The man had made an appointment to come and see Shri Nathji at 9 a.m. the next morning, and Shri Nathji was struck by the man’s punctuality even as he looked at the clock in his room. Shri Nathji described the man’s arrival as follows:“Gar falak kaare turaa barham zanad az jau marau“If the skies destroy thy plans do not despair,The Englishman was startled. Shri Nathji had given him the answer to a complex problem that had been plaguing his mind. He was so impressed by Shri Nathji that he snatched the petrol can from his hand and apologized for letting him carry it for so long. He became very devoted to Shri Nathji and asked to see him the next day. “Muhje bhee warning milee ke mujhe kyaa karnaa hai!”“I, too, have received a warning about what I have to do!”Shri Nathji was referring to the speech of Priya Nath in which he had spoken of the mission of Shri Nathji – that of taking human souls across the Bhav Saagar, the ocean of Life and Death.