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Shri Nathji would say to his devotees:
““You, who look upon me as He told the devotees who served him that their time of sewa-service to him, was running short, because it was only just and fair that this divine service be given to others also in turns. “Bhutt Sahib, sevaa ek hi ko den yaa baant baant ke den?”And Bhutt had replied: “Prabhuji kaun naheen chaahegaa ke ye sewa sirf ussee ko dee jaaye! Magar lok kalyaan ke liye aap beshak iss sewa ko baant baant kar den!“Who would not wish to serve thee always? But for the sake of the salvation of others, let this sacred service be given to others as well!”Shri Nathji has Bhutt’s letter read out in his darbaar:Shri Nathji says loudly: “I AM NOT A Shri Nathji quotes the bhajan of Ram Lal Agrawal of Akola in which he had written:“Manushya inhen kaihnaa paap hai,“It is a sin to call him a human,Shri Nathji was fond of narrating how Bhutt Sahib would speak of a friend of his who had begun by believing Shri Nathji to be God but had later relegated him to the category of saints, yogis and maharishis, and how Bhutt Sahib had said:“Saale ke puny samaapt ho gaye!”“The ignoramus has lost the Grace bestowed upon him!”