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Shri Nathji’s sermon has a lightning touch to it that evening as he speaks to the assembled group at home, and says with a suddenness that is like thunder from the heavens:“COME TO ME!”
Shri Nathji adds:“Agar aap log meri mukti chaahate ho to apni mukti karaa lo!“If you desire my salvation then come and attain salvation yourselves!”Shri Nathji had always said on many occasions in the past:“Main mukt hoon aur nitya mukt hoon–magar mere jaisaa bandhan men bhee koyi naheen! Jab tak vishva kaa ek bhee praani bandhan men hai main apni mukti kaa sukh naheen le saktaa!“I am ever in salvation and am so eternally –but there can be no one in greater bondage than I. For as long as even one person is in bondage I cannot take the joy of my own salvation!”