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Sunday, November 13, 1983, is a historic day when Shri Nathji brings a dead body back to life. Shakuntala Mehra is on her death-bed. “Kaun kaihtaa hai ye Prabhu naheen hain!The recognition had been spontaneous, like that of a moth recognizing the flame, with which it had a relationship since time immemorial.“He is my God–visible and invisible, both!”When her husband died, she had no place to go to, but miracles occurred in her life and she found herself living in air-contioned splendour even as her younger sister, Raj Puri, brought her to her home.“The devotion of Shakuntala sometimes surpasses even that of Mrs. Gangabai Bhutt!”And now it was November 1983 and she was on her death-bed with congestive heart failure and kidney failure. She was waiting to catch a last glimpse of Shri Nathji before she left her physical body on earth.Meraa dam nikal na jaayeOh, I might even die with joy,He would also sing the following verse:Tum tassalni na do sirf baitthe raho Even if thou give not an assurance but simply sit beside me,Shakuntala had sent word through her daughter to Shri Nathji:“Bas ek baar mere Prabhuji mujhe darshan de den–phir mujhe aagyaa den ke main jaa sakoon!“Let my Prabhuji give me his darshan but once–and then give me permission to leave the world!”Shri Nathji along with Priya Nath, Mangla and Kapil Kapahi go in a taxi to C-472 Defence Colony, New Delhi, where Shakuntala Mehra has been living with her daughter, Aruna Gupta.“Mere Bhola Nathji Bhagwan ki Jai!“All Glory Unto Bhola Nathji Bhagwan!There is a glow on her features as she falls at the feet of Shri Nathji and lies there for a while. It is a great miracle that has medical science baffled. Here was a person on whom the hospitals had given up, and who had been lying in bed as an invalid, waiting for death, with all her relatives gathered together to say a last farewell. Her getting up and walking out of her bed was proof of her own faith and Shri Nathji’s godliness. “It is thy own faith that hath healed thee!”Nothing in the world could have brought her to this state of happiness except Shri Nathji. Her devotion is marvellous to behold. Face to face with death and an incurable illness, the bliss of seeing Shri Nathji is a panacea that restores her back to life. She had been carrying the flame of Shri Nathji in her heart since forty years and the flame was now turning into a Light Eternal. “Aapne abhee barre kaam karne hain!“You have to do many things yet!”Finally, Shri Nathji blesses Shakuntala and thereafter gives his blessings to all present and prepares to leave.