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In the evening satsang Shri Nathji makes a powerful pronouncement to the fortunate few at home who have been flooded with divine revelations. These revelations are in fact meant for the whole world, just like the Geeta, which was narrated by Lord Krishna to Arjuna alone, but was meant for the whole world.“Kissee ko pataa ho ke ye vohi “If one realises that this is that very Light that came thousands of years ago as Krishna, or ten lakh years ago as Rama, how fortunate he would consider himself to be!”Shri Nathji also adds powerfully:““Think for a moment that you are sitting before God! How happy you should be!”Later Priya Nath plays Shri Nathji’s ghazal:Utthaake pardaa jahaan men aa too dilon ko sabro karaar aaye,Lift up Thy veil and come before the world, to fill the hearts with peace,