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Priya Nath is worried about Shri Nathji’s right eye-lid which appears to stick in the mornings. The left eye-lid sticks too, but not to that great an extent. This continues for weeks and months and years without either Shri Nathji or Priya Nath being perturbed about it, or without there being any adverse effects from the stickiness of the eyelids. “Priyaji ham har cheez ko“Priyaji, we are always too late in everything that we do. We go on thinking but never act!”Shri Nathji is concerned about the mounting arrears of the bill of the local shopkeeper in the colony market, which has reached seven hundred and fifty rupees, and insists that it be paid immediately. Shri Nathji is never one to withhold money from anyone, be the person a professional or a shopkeeper.