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Shri Nathji tells the story of his visit to the home of a certain Janki Bai Dabak at Akola. Shri Nathji had gone to Akola on the 29th of December 1950 and had staye there for thirteen days. During this time he had graced the homes of many persons who had prayed to him to come. Janki Bai Dabak was one of them.“Baa maa sukhan az kashvo karaamat migoyad“Speak not to me of miracles,“The greatest miracle for me is the lamp of faith that I have lit in your hearts, which not even the fiercest storms of the world can extinguish!”There was also the Persian Verse, which defined the divine power of Shri Nathji with regard to miracles:““If Christ could bring to life a dead person with a hundred prayers,