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Shri Nathji and Priya Nath go out in a taxi to South Extension Part I to get a better sweater for Pran Nath, as it is Shri Nathji’s long cherished desire. Before leaving home, they phone a Kashmiri shop in Connaught Place for a pashmeena sweater, as Shri Nathji is keen on getting a sweater of pure pashmeena for Pran Nath. “Piyaji, baadaam ghot kar khaane chahiyen. Dimaag ke liye bahut achhe hote hain! Ye sadhu mahatmaa aadhe ghante bhee bolkar aayen to baadaam ghot kar khaate hain“Piyaji, almonds must be ground and eaten. They are very good for the brain. These sadhus and mahatmas take them even if they lecture for a mere half hour!”But Shri Nathji seldom ate much dry fruit himself. During the later days when he could not chew properly and found most foods hard to digest, he would merely eat kish-mish, raisins, and hastily spit them out if he were “caught” eating them by Priya Nath, who was worried they would be bad for his digestion.