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There is the visit of Dr. R.B. Chavan and Mrs. Manda Chavan. Shri Nathji loves Dr. Chavan and always refers to him in his absence, with the words:“Bilkul bacchon ki tarah lagtaa hai!“He looks just like a child to me!”The Chavans invite Shri Nathji to their home at the Indian Institute of Technology, where Dr. Chavan is an Associate Professor of Textile Technology, who was later to become a full professor by Shri Nathji’s Grace. “Phir dekhiye andaazaye gulifshaaniye guftaar“Listen then to the words flow out like a showering of flowers,And there is also Shri Nathji’s verse:“Tahi daston kaa rutbaa aihle daulat se zyaadaa hai“The empty hands are of greater worth than the wealth of the world,Shri Nathji was the goblet that bowed before every empty glass that came before it.