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The day passes quietly, but the night brings the Kapahis and Tandons who bring an old lady relative with them, a “Bhuaa”, for Shri Nathji’s darshan. For Shri Nathji even a single new person is a whole audience in itself. “You will get peace only here, and nowhere else.”“Shaanti sirf yaheen hai aur duniyaan men kaheen naheen.“Peace exists only here and nowhere else in the world.”Shri Nathji’s usual warning is ever-present even in this powerful sermon, which was recorded by Priya Nath on the tape for posterity:“Main warn kar rahaa hoon–koyi saath naheen denge. Vohi log utthaakar jalaa deta hain. Sirf vohi sambandhi hai!“I am warning you no one shall accompany anyone in death–neither one’s parents nor one’s children. These relatives have no option but to burn the bodies of their dead. There is only ONE real Relative and that is HE. And the sermon is followed by Shri Nathji’s uplifting and memorable ghazal:“Meri ghazalon kaa guldastaa jahaan vaalo mubaarik hoThe flower vase containing my ghazals brings good tidings to the world, Meri ghazalen gaayi jaayengi saaze ulfat parMy ghazals shall be sung on the instrument of love,