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There was news soon thereafter that on September 29, 1983, Shri K.H.Chati the retired District Forest Officer of Nagpur had also passed away. Shri Chati was a great devotee of Shri Nathji.“Main chetaavni detaa hoon. Uss vakt ki yaad karo jo aane vaalaa hai! Maut ko saamne rakho! Uski agony ko!“I give this warning. Remember that time which is to come. Keep death before you. And its agony!”Shri Nathji has written a ghazal depicting the fleeting nature of life, after the going away of Veeran Devi, and Priya Nath’s voice portrays the feelings of the ghazal in his music, which brings home the truth to those present:“Yoon dekhte hi dekhte shaamo saihar gayi“The evening and the morning went away just like that,News comes from Mussoorie that on the night Veeran Devi passed away on September 27, 1983, Bhotu, Shri Nathji’s dog at Mussoorie who had greatly loved Veeran Devi, had also passed away. Even animals retained this sense of death and parting that was natural in human beings, but was more intense in animals. “Har shaakh par hai baagh men sayaad ki nigaah“The Hunter has his eye on every branch of this treeWhat a great truth Shri Nathji was enunciating again and again of which the world was ignorant.