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As September 1983 draws to a close, Shri Nathji is seen sitting in his yellow head rumaal and a white achkan, eating ‘mooli’ radish, cut by Sudha. It is the 30th of September. Shri Nathji recollects that the vegetable seller has not been paid and says:“Uss bechaare ke“We must pay the poor man’s bill!”Shri Nathji always used to say: “Gareebon ke kabhee paise naheen rakhne chaahiyen. “One must never delay paying the poor!”It was to bless the poor people of earth, who were all like beggars before Him, that Shri Nathji had come down upon earth. No one would ever go away empty from His door. “Rooh kis rind ki pyaasi gayi maikhaane se“What Soul left the tavern in thirst?