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There were the occasions in the earlier years, the 1950’s, when Veeran Devi had a novel experience with Shri Nathji’s cars, which were lying parked in “Pleasance” the house of Shri Ranjit Singh at Charleville Road Mussoorie. “The moment I touched the large Ford Car, I received a jolt that made me fall to the ground. The car appeared to speak to me and said: ‘I am Shri Nathji’s chariot. Do not touch me! Your heart is not pure today! Veeran Devi also had an interesting experience with Shri Nathji’s bust-size statue, which was kept in the drawing room of Savitri Nivas. The house had remained locked for about three months and the statue was wrapped in a white cloth. “Masiji! Iss kaprre ko kab utaaroge! Meraa dam ghutaa jaa rahaa hai!”“Masiji! When are you going to remove this cloth! I am being suffocated!”Her faith in Shri Nathji was so strong that nothing in the world could shake it. She even touched the feet of Pran Nath and Priya Nath with deep reverence, and always saw the divinity of Shri Nathji in them.