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There is bad news from the rent control courts where Priya Nath’s lawyers go unprepared. Priya Nath, as is his wont, vents his fury on Shri Nathji for allowing such obstacles to come in his way, which hamper the progress of his spiritual work. He voices his oft- repeated complaint once again: why doesn’t Shri Nathji use his miracles to set matters right? Later, as always, Priya Nath regrets it deeply for being so vexed with Shri Nathji, the gentlest and most loving father in the whole world.“Even if you will not use your powers for yourself then at least use them for my sake!”Shri Nathji had said time and again that he would never use his miracles for his own sake. He would tell his devotees:“Aap ke oopar to tinke baraabar bhee kasht aayegaa to main saihan naheen kar sakoongaa! Mere oopar pahaarr baraabar kasht bhee aa jaayen to mujhe parvaa naheen! Meri chamatkaaron ki shakti apne liye naheen hai–aap logon ke liye hai!”“I cannot bear to see suffering come upon you even if it be small like a straw! But I do not care if a mountain of suffering falls upon me. The power of miracles that I possess is not for my own sake–but for you!”Priya Nath discusses the court arguments with Shri Urhekar who has just come from there. Shri Nathji listens from the closed inner window deeply concerned about Priya Nath’s distress.