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On October 31, 1984 there comes the dreadful news that Mrs. Indira Gandhi has been assassinated. Shri Nathji is deeply shocked. He recollects a dream his loyal devotee, Sahadeva, had had many years ago when Indira Gandhi was still a young girl. In the dream, Jawaharlal Lal Nehru had appeared before Shri Nathji, and Shri Nathji had said to him:“Priyaji, “Look upon everyone with suspicion, no matter how much loyalty he may profess. No one can tell what is in the heart of a person. It is written in the Vedas that the character of a woman, and the Nature of man cannot be guessed even by the devis and devtaas, gods and goddesses.”Shri Nathji was referring to the retinue of servants and devotees who lived with him. “Chaahe Ramji ki baat thheek niklee, magar neetee to Laxmanji kee hi thheek thee!”Shri Nathji also used to speak about the abduction of Sita Maharani and say:“If she had been a little bit more suspicious, she would not have been abducted by Ravana. Sometimes, suspicion is not a bad thing!”Shri Nathji had also cautioned Priya Nath about the food saying:“Kisse ne kisse ko kucch karnaa ho to khaane men kuchh khilaa denaa sab se aasaan tareekaa hotaa hai!“If anyone has to harm anyone else, the easiest way would be to put something in the food!”It was for that reason that Priya Nath never entrusted Shri Nathji’s food to mere servants who could be won over by foes and elements inimical to Shri Nathji and Priya Nath.