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These are the days when Priya Nath is invited to give a talk at the United Nations Disarmament Conference. Shri D.N.Sinha had suggested that Priya Nath go in his place as a delegate on behalf of the OISCA organization. “Priyaji ko“The United Nations called Priyaji, but he did not tell me because he thought I would ask him to go! He told me only when one day was left– and even then he did not go even when I asked him to!”Shri Nathji used to quote a Maharashtrian devotee of his, a certain L.A. Muley, a Chartered Accountant at Akola, who used to say:““Muley used to say that Priya Nathji remains with Shri Nathji all the time like a shadow, but I said: ‘No, even a shadow deserts a person in the darkness. He does not leave me even for a moment.”Shri Nathji used to say in Urdu:“Taareekee men to apnaa saayaa bhee saathh chhorr detaa hai!