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The night ends with Priya Nath performing an ARTI of Shri Nathji. It is the only homage Priya Nath can pay to such a loving, divine Father, who is the Father of the universe itself. “Piyaji, sab thheek hai?”“Piyaji, is everything all right?”For Priya Nath, Shri Nathji was his life, and for Shri Nathji, Priya Nath was His Life. Once, when in later years, Priya Nath said Shri Nathji:“I cannot live without you! Whenever you leave the world I will go with you. I wish to be you always!”Shri Nathji had replied: “Saath hi hain. Saath hi rahenge. Aap aur main do thhorri hain. Ek hi aatmaa hain!”“We are together, we shall remain together. You and I are not really two. We are one soul!”There was Mrs. Bahl who had always maintained: