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Some of the important pronouncements of Shri Nathji on that day are given below:“It is you who are making me talk!“Man must reach out to Him:Ekamsad vipra bahuda vadantiHe who exists is One, sages call Him variously“Rishtaye ulfat men jab paro saktaa thaa too unko“When thou couldst have threaded them together in a string of Love“I am your born servant. I have no pride of my own! Thousands have been given this revelation.‘Sarvdharmaan parityajya maam ekam sharanam vraj‘Leaving aside all other paths take thou a refuge in me.’“I am living only for your sake. Nothing can stop my voice from going to all corners of the world. There are four kinds of language:“History shows us that whenever there were the powers of evil that sought to lead mankind astray, the power of God also came down to save the world. If thorns have come in the garden then surely the flowers shall come as well.‘Akohambahusyaam‘I am One, let there be many’“If a rose is pleased it gives its fragrance. If a tree is pleased it gives fruit. If God is pleased will He not give anything?“Masjid to bana daali shab bhar men imaan ke haraarat vaalon ne“It is not enough to pray, one must do so with absolute sincerity. We need a Man of Realisation who will come and show us the way.“Sohbate yak saayate baa auliyaa“One moment spent in the company of a Man of God“Who created the world–you? Man cannot stay here forever. He must leave the world one day. He is a guest who comes one day and then leaves on another day. He can’t stay here!“Do din kaa hai baseraa ye aashiyaan hamaaraa“It is for two days only, this home of ours“Let the power of God come. (SHRI NATHJI IS OVERCOME WITH EMOTION AND TEARS COME INTO HIS EYES EVEN AS HE BLESSES THE AUDIENCE WITH RAISED HANDS)“When you pray for the world the entire world prays for you! The prayer of one man for the entire world may or may not be heard, but the prayers of the world for one man are bound to be heard!“Yak saayate hazooriye oo een chuneen guzasht“One moment passed before Him in such a way“What is the sign of recognition of a Satya Purush–a Man of God?“Bandaao saahibo mauhtaajo ghani ek huye“The rich and the poor, the mighty and the humble“All who reach God become one! God is Nowhere turns into God is Now Here.Thy Glory is in Every Sphere“Those who say ‘God is nowhere’ become all alone!“Aah ai naadaan kafas ko aashiyaan samjhaa hai too“O Thou in ignorance! Thou art thinking of this cage as thy home,
“The heart is meant for God. Just like you cannot see your reflection in a mirror that is shaking, in a like manner you cannot see God unless your heart is pure. “Blessed are the pure in heart for they shall see God.“But seek ye first the Kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things shall be added unto you.
End of the Speech The people gathered there in FICCI Auditorium are so absorbed in the dazzling personality of Shri Nathji that they are hardly aware of his words.