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Despite the silence and gloom created in the house by the going away of Sudha, Shri Nathji writes some marvellous ghazals which are put to music by Priya Nath and which both, Priya Nath and Shri Nathji, enjoy greatly and listen to, again and again. Bas iss se aur zyaada pardaa na keejiye,Veil not Thyself more than Thou hast done,Bas iss se aur zyaada pardaa na keejiyeVeil not Thyself more than Thou hast doneHar dil ko bazme yaar men mardaana keejiye,Let every heart in Thy abode be filled with strength,Ab sab se dil mere ko begaana keejiyeLet my heart become a stranger to everyoneThis was mystic poetry of the highest order the real meaning of which only Shri Nathji could relate. Shri Nathji was referring to God behind His Veil–which was Shri Nathji Himself–and the voice of humanity crying for a lifting of the veil.