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Priya Nath said:
“This is a very special and august gathering here today. It is a special gathering that has come together to pray for the world. History will look back at these small gatherings of genuine seekers after truth who assembled together to save the world from a nuclear war.‘Kase na maand ki deegar be teghe naaz kushi‘There is none left whom thy sword can destroy now“Scientists have sent a rocket into space, known as Pioneer 10, which contains engravings on a tabloid showing human beings upon earth. This rocket has been sent out into the Universe so that some day people living in planets elsewhere would come to know what the people of the earth looked like. Indeed these engravings may be all that will be left of the human race if a nuclear war destroys the planet earth.Beniyaazi hadd se guzari bandaa parvar kab talakThy indifference, O Benevolent Lord, has gone beyond all limits“People might say that even if there is God how do we know that He has any love for us or cares for us?“’Pray wherever you are in whatever way you like.’“This message shall keep on going out year after year, across oceans and continents, to the people of the world till the time there is peace and happiness in the world and the danger from a nuclear war is over.“Even as every night must give place to day and every Autumn turn to Spring, so it is the voice of my heart that the time is approaching close when One God shall exist for all and all shall be His Children, Love shall be His worship and the hearts of men shall know a never ending peace.“Badle hai koyi aan men ab range zamaanaa“Someone shall come and change the colour of existence in a trice,Shri Nathji listens to Priya Nath with rapt attention in his armchair, his body half-turned towards Priya Nath. “I have transferred all my powers to Priya Nath–who is my fresh form, because this body of mine has become weak.”
“Kitni lambi zubaan hai, inki! Inki jeebah par to swaiyam Saraswati kaa nivaas hai! Inn jaisaa bolne vaalaa koyi naheen hogaa.”“Look at the long tongue he has! The Goddess Saraswati herself resides on his tongue. No one shall be his equal in oration.”Mr. A.M. Phiri comes to the podium and respectfully sings his hymn: “ Nearer to Thee my Lord!”He says amongst other things:“It was Shri Nathji’s World Prayer Day that has saved the World from certain annihilation in 1984, otherwise none of us would be here today! Your Holiness we pray for your health, for your good, strong health so that you may go on leading us and never get tired of praying for us.”Justice Jaswant Singh refers to Shri Nathji’s recent illness and says amongst other things: “Shri Nathji is a Godman, who is full of compassion for humanity, and who has taken upon himself the vicarious liabilities of others, the ills and sorrows of mankind.”