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Towards the end of June 1985, Shri Nathji is once again meeting people. There is Vijay Kapahi, the son of the late Shri Charan Das of Delhi. “Charro jin ne paar langanaa saade Nathji ne jahaaz banaayaa“Climb aboard all who wish to go across, Our Nathji has built a ship”Shri Charan Dasji passed away in 1984 carrying this song with him into Eternity. Shri Nathji’s consoling voice rang out over the telephone to Vijay Kapahi: “Vijayji, now that Charan Dasji has gone–I am your father.”Vijay Kapahi was so consoled by these words that the loss of his father did not cause him much grief. He saw his father still alive in the Universal Form of Shri Nathji.“VijayjiFaith was to bring its tests. Vijay Kapahi had many a spiritual experience that strengthened his faith at each and every step of life. There was the time when he had come for Shri Nathji’s darshan and Shri Nathji had said to him:“Mat daro inn toofaanon se! Balki“Don’t be afraid of these storms! Challenge them to come, so that you may know of the strength of the pilot of your boat!”Shri Nathji was that All Powerful Pilot.“Vijay ko kaih den ke aapkaa “Tell Vijay that his motorcycle has been stolen so that he may come in a car!When Priya Nath told him what Shri Nathji had said, Vijay accepted Shri Nathji’s words with reverence and touched his ears in a gesture of humility.“New foundations can only be made after the old foundations have been uprooted! A farmer prayed to God for a house, because he lived in a hut. The next day there was a storm in which the hut was blown away! The man was disconsolate–but soon found a palace standing in the place of the hut. It was natural for the old foundations to be uprooted, so that new foundations may be laid!”“Sab se acchhaa maanganaa hai ke mat maang!“The best desire is not to desire!There was Shri Nathji’s verse on behalf of a devotee:“Kis tarah darde nihaan ko roobaroo tere kahoon,“How can I relate the sorrow of my heart, face to face, before Thee