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As the 23rd of June dawns upon Shri Nathji and Priya Nath, Priya Nath goes over to Shri Nathji’s bed in the morning and embraces him and Shri Nathji pats him repeatedly on his back saying:“Janam din Mubaarik ho!When Shri Nathji asks Priya Nath how old he has become, Priya Nath tells him that he is now 83 years old. And Shri Nathji adds: “Yaani abShri Nathji once again blesses Priya Nath with the words:““It is because of the great care with which you have looked after me that I have reached the age of 83. Babaji left the world at the age of 73!”Priya Nath cannot help but say: “But it is I who wreck your health with my constant quarrelling.”And there is Shri Nathji saying again: “Larrte kahaan ho, itnaa to meraa khyaal rakhte ho!The tailor of Green Park brings the new achkan he has made within ten hours as he had promised. It is a miracle. The achkan is ill-fitting, but the ‘mahoorat’–the inauguration of Shri Nathji’s Birthday– begins even as Shri Nathji wears the achkan on the day.“Iss baat men to do mat ho hee naheen sakte ke Shri Nathji Bhagwan kaa avatar hain!When he had last met Shri Nathji at Delhi, he had been so overwhelmed by the Divine Glory of Shri Nathji that he had said:“Wah! Kyaa noor hai chehre par!”“What a wonderful radiance exists on thy Face!”The car carrying Shri Nathji and Priya Nath arrives at FICCI hall. There is a small group of persons standing outside the hall to welcome them. The car is driven to the back entrance, which has stairs leading to the stage.