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The Lord God of the Universe came down upon this earth in the form of Shri Bhola Nathji in the fulness of His Glory as Pooran Brahm.

He gave a revelation of His Divine Form to many upon earth, and exists today in the infinity of His invisible form in the Universe.

His unique divine beauty was a light Divine that revealed in it the Glory of God. He was Love and Peace incarnate. He had come into this world to give salvation to mankind, and, after spreading His Message of Divine Love, He left His Physical frame to mingle into the vastness of His Infinite Invisible Self.

And yet, His was not an ordinary earthly form; it was the living image of God upon earth. To come in His Divine Presence was to experience Heavenly Bliss and Peace.

He has not gone, but exists amongst us in the Glory of His Infinite Invisible form, and people are experiencing His nearness and Divine Help everyday. Any person, who with genuine faith calls out to Him and offers prayers before His portrait, receives an answer from Him. He is an Ocean of Love and Mercy and Grace, and comes to the aid of those who need Him even before they call out to Him.

The Eternal Light which He has revealed shall go on showing the path to mankind till eternity, and shall remind the world that Shri Bhola Nathji Bhagwan is here to remove the darkness of the ages in the fulness of His Glory, and to lead the human soul to its final destination.

The Life of Shri Bhola Nathji showed to the world that the real Face of God is that of Love, Unity and Peace.