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We are on the threshold of a new era. Lord Shri Nathji has come and gone in all His Glory.

This is the time when a new History shall be built around this great Being who came to this earth in the twentieth century and saved the world from total annihilation. And His History will be that of Love.

And yet the Lord Shri Nathji lives on in His Invisible Form. He lives on in the sacred books and writings penned by His hand and dictated through His own words. He lives on in the Hearts of all those whom He blessed. He lives on in the Hearts of the millions of people on this entire planet which He saved.

By Believing in Him and knowing Him to be the Supreme Being Incarnate upon earth, and by praying to Him, man can attain the highest bliss of Life.

Whosoever shall accept Shri Nathji as the Divine Being who came down upon earth to save it, shall secure salvation in life as well as in death.

Yes, it is Shri Nathji’s promise to everyone that He shall come personally in His full glory to escort those who are taken away by death. He shall come in the fulness of His glory to take His loved ones to Himself, and to keep them in His divine embrace and love and to fill them with eternal happiness, to grant them salvation from life and from death. Yes, Shri Nathji shall build a house in the Kingdom of God for all those who believe in Him.

Believing in Shri Nathji is very easy. His divinely Beautiful Portrait captures your heart without a word being said, and if your heart be pure you shall see in His Face the Face of God.

Yes, keep His portrait before you as the living image of Divinity and Purity, which

will be the solace of your life and bring peace and happiness to you.

There can be no greater meditation, no greater mantras, no greater concentration than to look upon The Spiritual Beauty of His Soul as portrayed upon His Divine Face–which is the Face of God in human form.

Yes, believe in Shri Nathji, pray before His Divinely beautiful portrait. Keep the portrait in your home and in your Heart. Let him Help you through the storms of life, let Him worry over your needs, let Him lead you through purity and silence, let Him come within your Heart and Help you and let Him guide you through the difficult paths of Life and death; let Him be your constant companion in life, let Him build for you a house in His Kingdom which exists in Heaven.

It is the promise of Shri Nathji that He will come running to aid those who genuinely call out to Him.