HH Shri Bhola Nathji – Brief Biography



HH Shri Bhola Nathji came down upon the earth on the 23rd of June, 1902 A.D. as a little babe born in the hills of Abottabad which was then in District Peshawar, Punjab, India. He was named Bhola Nathji or Shri Nathji by his parents.

As time progressed, people began to have an inner recognition of this Being. The first to recognise His divinity was His own Father, Shri Devi Das Mehta, who was a millionaire landowner of Dinanagar in Batala, in the plains of Punjab. Shri Devi Das was an intensely spiritual person who used His wealth for the welfare of mankind, and ultimately gave it all away to the poor and needy. He had vowed to dedicate His life for the sake of the suffering humanity at a very young age, when He had become seriously ill, and had been cured miraculously through God’s Grace.

There was something in the child born to Devi Das at Abottabad, which attracted the attention of all mortals. The most striking thing about the babe was its strong, unparalleled beauty, and a divine aura and radiance that accompanied this beauty. It appeared as if God Himself had showered His Infinite Beauty and Purity on this child.

The babe brought peace to all those who came in His presence. People experienced God in Him. And as He grew up, His powers began to astonish everyone. At a very young age, words flowed out of the mouth of this child which contained the Vedas, Upanishads, the Bible, the Koran, the Geeta, the Granth Sahib, and, indeed, the knowledge of all religions emanating from this child. Even saints and sages marvelled at His profound knowledge–which appeared to come from within him as if it were part of His existence and mission in life.

There was a sign in His right eye –an orange sign. Saints and sages that saw this sign called it the sign of a Great Spiritual Being, the Avatar. It was a sign, which no other mortal was to have upon this planet earth.

Shri Devi Das Mehta, who himself was known as a great saint due to his own sacrifice and spiritual attainment, named the child: Bhola Nathji or simply, Shri Nathji. It was a name that was to become legend.

As time progressed, people of all religious faiths–and even atheists–flocked to Shri Nathji to be near him and to listen to His words, which appeared to come from another plane altogether. The voice itself brought infinite peace to the soul. His fame began to spread far and wide, and people from all walks of life, which included many intellectuals, scientists, judges and lawyers, saints and sages, as well as the common folk, came to accept Shri Nathji as a spiritual being of the highest order. An aura of Divine Love surrounded him, which flooded the hearts of all, giving them Infinite Peace.

Miracles began happening all around him though He discounted miracles and said these were of no importance, and were a delusion on the spiritual path. But all who came to him found their troubles disappearing. Either they were relieved of their sufferings or given the strength to bear them.

He would often say:

“Speak not to me of miracles,
For I have left miracles behind.”

What overwhelmed everyone was the force of His infinite Love, which was so overpowering that it touched even atheists.

And it was his voice:

“I have no mission except Love in this world,
My mission is Love and my work is Love.”

As Shri Nathji had become a young adult His beauty had reached astonishing heights. Such unfathomable perfection was not possible in a human face. His humility had become legend. Far from relegating any importance top himself, Shri Nathji referred to himself simply as “Ghulam Rue’ Zameen,” which was Persian for “The Servant of the Earth”.

He would often say: “Water is that which satiates your thirst. Call it by any name that you like. If I can quench the spiritual thirst within you then I am everything for you, otherwise I am nothing.”

About religions, Shri Bhola Nathji used to say:

“All the religions are but different paths leading to the same goal. All have one Father and all are His children; in this thought alone all religious differences can cease to exist. I see in every religion my own religion and my own religion in every other religion.”

Very soon Shri Nathji became the personification of Bliss, Peace, and Boundless Beauty and Perfection, which was altogether divine in origin. People who came to him obtained peace of mind without a word being spoken.

Many people saw the vision of the Divine in Him. Amongst these were atheists and intellectuals, saints and sages. Chief Justice Bhutt of Madhya Pradesh was to remain His staunchest follower right up to the last moments of his life.

Shri Nathji did not give any ‘guru mantra’ nor did He prescribe the life of the ashrams. He lived as any common man would have lived, in a home, with his family, like any other man with a family. His mode of living distinguished him at once from a sadhu, ascetic, mahatma or saint.

It was in Lahore in 1939 that a momentous event in the life of Shri Nathji took place–the marriage of Shri Nathji to Savitri Devi. Savitri Devi belonged to a renowned family of Lahore. Her Father, Lala Hargopal Khanna, was a well-known Senior Advocate of Lahore and the legal adviser of the Punjab National Bank in India, and was known for his integrity and honesty throughout the land.

She and her brothers and sisters along with her Father had been visiting Shri Nathji and Shri Babaji Maharaj at Lahore. On the 7th of May 1939 Savitri Devi was married to Shri Nathji at Lahore.

The marriage of Shri Nathji to Savitri Deviji was performed in a memorable way. Amongst those present at the marriage were prominent citizens of the city, which included judges and lawyers, and even the famed Sir Gokul Chand Narang. Those who had seen the baraat, the marriage procession of Shri Nathji, found it to be unique. The baraat included men from all callings of life–from Rajas and Maharajas to saints and sages and the common folk – a sea of unending humanity, as if the entire city had joined in the procession. It was a sight altogether divine and unparalleled, in which the Glory of Shri Nathji shone like a dazzling Sun.

Shri Nathji and Savitri Devi had two sons who were born in 1940 and 1941 and named Pran Nath and Priya Nath respectively. After serving Shri Nathji for many years, Savitri Devi left her physical frame in 1967.

Hindus, Muslims, Christians, Sikhs, Buddhists, Jainis, Arya Samaajis and Sanaatan Dharmis, all found in Shri Nathji their own. To the Hindus He was a Hindu, to the Sikhs a Sikh, to the Muslims a Muslim, to the Christians a Christian, etc. All saw in him a reflection of the divine as portrayed in their own faiths. He never sought to convert any person from one belief to another–rather He accepted the beliefs of all. He would say:

“I have not come to separate you from your family and friends, I have come to add myself to that circle.”

Shri Nathji did not preach yoga, or meditation, or any spiritual discipline. All who came to him found their quest fulfilled. He was the living answer to everything people sought. He was the destination.

Shri Nathji used to say that God, who is present everywhere and in everyone and everything, could also make his presence felt in a special frame of His own choosing, where His divine attributes like overpowering love and purity and divinity made their presence felt.

Shri Nathji’s love was so overpowering that all who came within its orbit were overwhelmed–from the smallest of children to the oldest of adults, and even birds and animals. It was as if He were radiating Love.

A Muslim Barrister of Lucknow, Chaudhary Hyder Hussein would say this about Shri Nathji: “He radiates Love–nay, He is All Love from head to foot!”

Another Muslim, a certain Nawab Istafa Khan of Mussoorie, had this to say about Shri Nathji in Urdu Verse:

“Main jis par jaan detaa hoon ussee par ye bhee marte hain,
Issee se Istafa mujhko rakeebon se muhabbat hai

I would give up my life for Him, for whom these others die,
It is for this, O Istafa, that I love my rivals!”

Here was a Being who not only spoke of love and unity, but who carried love and unity in His personality. Here was a Being loved by people of all religious faiths. Shri Nathji had a very special relationship of love with each of his devotees–who carried this stamp of His Love in their hearts. He gave no other mantra, nor did he bind anyone to be his follower. In fact he did not make any followers in the true sense of the word.His was a relationship that transcended the worldly plane.

Shri Nathji did not build an organisation or create a sect or cult of any kind.Shri Nathji would say: “An organisation for universal brotherhood must include all of mankind for which the organisation is made. To include a few is to exclude the rest of the world!”

Shri Nathji’s flow of words was so beautiful and the voice so touching that listeners found themselves in another plane–it was as if they had been listening to a voice from the Heavens. Shri Nathji would speak for hours and His audiences would not feel the passage of time:

“Where God exists,” Shri Nathji used to say, “time does not exist.”

However, apart from what Shri Nathji would say, his very presence filled people with an indefinable bliss that could only be experienced in someone who carried God within himself.

People who had met Shri Nathji would say that they found it difficult to forget him even for a moment. It was a constant meditation that lasted without an effort, 24 hours of the day, helping them in their daily tasks of life and bringing them greater and greater success. Shri Nathji would enter the very being and soul of a person and become a part of him.

Shri Nathji used to say:

“I am not that light which falls only upon your heads, I am that light which rests upon your feet as well.”

“Now that you have come to me, your work has finished. But mine has just begun!”

“I have been born only to serve you.”

“Accept me – but not as your Master, as your Servant.”

“I am free from bondage, but shall remain in bondage till the last man is free.”

“I am a very old companion of yours–I was your companion even before the Universe came into existence. I know you but you do not know me.”

“I do not ask anything of you. I have come to give you myself.”

“Prosperity is like a decorated room. And peace is like the light that illumines the room. You cannot enjoy prosperity unless you have peace within you.”

“Speak not to me of miracles, for I have left miracles behind.”

“The Universe itself is a great miracle–what further miracle would one want to prove the existence of God?”

Shri Nathji spent most of His youth in the Punjab, as it then was, including Abbotabad Simla, Amritsar, and Lahore, during which time His fame spread far and wide. Later, from 1929, He began journeying to the hills of UP, especially Mussoorie and Dehra Dun–which He ultimately made His home in 1938.

He was in Lucknow and Allahabad and Delhi, and travelled to far off places in the Central Provinces, in regions, which are now known as Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Large numbers of people in these regions carry His beautiful portraits in their homes and hearts.

He went for some time to England and America, in 1963-1967 where He lived as a passing visitor, and returned without making any societies or ashrams or gathering a flock of foreign devotees.

He felt that He was wanted by the poor people of India. When a millionaire in America asked him why He was leaving a rich nation and returning to a poor country, He said: “This is proof of my richness. I do not desire anything from your rich country. You have the means to fulfill desires, but I have no desires within me.”

While in America He had spoken to various religious groups and each found in Him his own. To the Catholics He was a Catholic, to the Protestants He was a Protestant, to the Mormons He was a Mormon, to the Christian Scientists He was a Christian Scientist, to the Jews He was a Jew who knew the innermost secrets of even their mystical writings of the Cabala.

In London Father Malachy, a renowned Catholic Friar, said about Shri Nathji: “He is emptied of self and possessed of God.”

Shri Nathji returned to India after a four-year sojourn abroad. It was in London in 1967 that his wife, Savitri Devi, passed away.

Day and night Shri Nathji’s spiritual work continued unabated; His doors were open to the suffering humanity at all hours of the day or night. There were no appointment hours–Shri Nathji did not believe in propaganda and proselytizing
Shri Nathji would say: ” I am like the flame that burns all the time, waiting for a genuine moth that will come.”

He was convinced that all genuine souls would seek him out. Shri Nathji did not believe in collecting crowds or making a large number of followers. He was without desire. He would say, ” If a saint desires to make even one follower He has fallen in the eyes of God, for it is God’s wish that a saint desire nothing but God.”

Shri Nathji’s writings were words that sprang directly from the Divine, His books alone contained the power to grant peace to mankind; they were not books but divine revelations.

He would shut His eyes and go into a reverie and dictate hundreds and thousands of pages, full of powerful, intricate, spiritual truths made simple in an astonishing way as no man could make them. When He wrote about God and salvation, life and death, he wrote with great power and authority because knew what He was writing about.

Shri Nathji was the humblest being upon earth, who called himself the slave of all humanity–Ghulam Rue’ Zameen, the servant of the earth.

He wrote several books in Hindi, English and Urdu and Persian, but His favourite language remained Urdu and Persian. During the last ten years of his physical life upon the planet earth he wrote 30,000 ghazals in Urdu, which came as a divine inspiration to him to show a guiding light to humanity.

Miraculous Recovery
In 1981 Shri Nathji was diagnosed as having cancer in its fourth and last stage by the All India Institute of Medical Sciences, which is the premier medical hospital in India. When the news was broken to Shri Nathji, he said with great loudness and authority:
“Nonsense! I dont have any cancer! Medical Science is wrong! Death has no dictates over me! If it is the Will of God that I must live longer in the world to do His work, then nothing can happen to me!”

The leading doctors of the time were astonished when Shri Nathji bounced back into health looking younger and more radiant than ever before in 1982-83. It was a great miracle. Shri Nathji still had more work to do in the world.

The World in Peril

In 1984, when Shri Nathji was 82 years old, the world was confronted with a peculiar situation, a problem that no human being upon earth could solve–the problem of a nuclear holocaust. All of humanity was on the verge of extinction. The threat of a nuclear war loomed large on the horizon of the world…There were more than 50,000 nuclear weapons in existence with a total destructive power of 20,000 megatons, which could destroy the entire world a hundred times over…the blast at Hiroshima was only of 20 kilotons and it had destroyed 2,00,000 people.

Humanity stood in the greatest danger ever since the creation of the world. Total annihilation faced the nations of the world.

Shri Nathji’s sons were both in science and technology. He had given them complete freedom to choose their own vocations in life and even encouraged them to study science and technology. Shri Nathji had always greatly admired scientists and would say that scientists were revealing the Face of God in an indirect manner by revealing the infinity of knowledge that was contained in the Universe and placed there by God.

The elder son of Shri Nathji was an electronics engineer and a scientist and inventor. His name was Pran Nath Mehta.

The younger son of Shri Nathji was Priya Nath Mehta. He had studied nuclear physics at Harvard University in America, and had thereafter left a lucrative job there to return home to India to live with His Father and to look after Him after the passing away of Mahamateshwari in 1967.

Shri Priya Nath Mehta joined hands with his father in the campaign against nuclear weapons–and what was that campaign?

The Answer – World Prayer Day

Shri Nathji awoke with the answer one morning in March 1984 –at a time when the two super powers, the United States of America, and the Soviet Union, had walked out on each other in the United Nations and the SALT II disarmament talks had failed, with the threat of a nuclear war becoming more and more real with each passing moment. Any day, an accident, or a miscalculation could trigger off a nuclear war in which all of humanity would be wiped off the face of the earth in a horrible, agonising way.

All the philosophers and scientists, and political leaders, and the common folk everywhere were a hundred per cent sure that a destructive nuclear war was in the offing– mathematicians and statisticians calculated that there was no way in which the earth could be saved; that past history showed that whenever ar¬mies and weapons of destruction proliferated in the world, whenever dangerous weapons of destruction were invented, there was always war and terrible destruction…two world wars had already shown the truth of this calculation…in short everyone on earth was affected by the grave peril that threatened all of mankind…the greatest peril ever since the day of creation.

Shri Nathji said:

“This world is God’s creation…no one has the right to destroy it…. the time has come for all of mankind to turn towards God in a big way…no super power can save the world now…the greatest super power is God. He who could create the world in a single wish can also save it in a single wish…There is only one way to reach God and that is through prayer…let all of mankind stand united together in a World Prayer for Peace, the vibrations of which will be so strong as to reach God and to make Him listen to the prayers of the world for survival…There is no other solution to the nuclear problem except the Grace of God….”

Shri Nathi said that God could have saved the world Himself through a miracle, but He desired that the people of the world receive the credit for saving the world through their prayers …so that the power of prayer would be made known, so that people would unite in a common prayer which transcended boundaries of race, religion and nationality..and so that all the people in the world would know that they were worshipping the same God who was answering their prayers..

Shri Nathji founded the World Prayer Day for Peace and gave it the date of June 24, 1984–the first one ever held upon this planet. The concept was staggering–the entire world united together in prayer on the same day, praying for peace upon earth, as a massive protest against nuclear weapons and nuclear war… millions of people all over the globe praying in accordance with their own religious beliefs.

Shri Nathji’s appeal went out to the people of the World:

“Pray wherever you are in whatever way you like.”

It was the most secular and most universal appeal in history, which wanted nothing from anyone, it asked no one to join any society, cult or organization, and imposed no ideology or religion upon anyone. Everyone in the world could join in prayers wherever he was.

Shri Nathji also wrote a special World Prayer for Peace, which was common to people of all faiths, and was the first prayer ever written against nuclear weapons and nuclear war, and appealed to the people of the world to use this prayer.

In the World Prayer Day, Shri Nathji found a fulfilment of His life’s mission…Here was the whole world to which He had addressed Himself…He was telling them of the power of prayer…He was telling them how prayer could unite people of all races, religion¬s and nationalities, He was using religion to unite people rather than divide them…for the first time in the history of mankind someone had come and united all of mankind against a common foe–war, and brought mankind closer to God.

Shri Nathji’s appeal for a World Prayer Day went out to all possible corners of the globe, to 170 countries of the world, and to the world leaders, as well as to the United Nations and the common folk.

Here was Shri Nathji, 82 years old, with only his son, Priya Nath, by his side, and a handful of devotees, calling out to the whole world. He was not asking for anything from anyone. He was merely sending out his appeal, asking people to offer prayers for peace wherever they were, in whatever way they liked, and calling for a World Prayer Day for Peace, to save the world from a nuclear holocaust. There was no organization or society with him. He was waging his war for peace all alone, through his Spiritual Power.

How would his voice reach across to the world? But a miracle occurred. The News Media of the world came forward with great enthusiasm and carried the appeal of the World Prayer Day across the globe freely and voluntarily, and in absolute good faith, to promote the cause for peace.

And then the response of the world began pouring in. Many Heads of State and world leaders lauded the move, amongst which were the Queen of England, the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Pope, the Dalai Lama, the President of the USA, the Kings of the Arab States, like King Hussein of Jordan, the Queen of the Netherlands, the President of Cyprus, the President of the Philippines, the Presidents of small countries like the Vanuatu Islands, etc., etc., and the United Nations, from where the Secretary General Javier Perez De Cueller wrote especially to Shri Nathji to praise His peace initiative.

In Delhi itself, Shri Nathji led the congregation at Vigyan Bhavan, New Delhi, in the World Prayer Day for Peace. The vibrations that went up from this hall that day were very special vibrations for they contained the voice of Shri Nathji in prayer along with the rest of humanity.

The first World Prayer Day was observed on the 24th of June 1984. It was a day on which the monsoon rains gave respite to a humanity scorched with the heat of the summer. It was symbolic in the sense that it portrayed the Grace of God coming down upon earth to relieve mankind of the dreadful heat of an impending nuclear holocaust.

In subsequent years the date was changed by people to the 23rd of June, which was also Shri Nathji’s birthday. Despite Shri Nathji’s abject humility and reluctance, it was the day on which the Servant of the Earth came into the world to serve humanity. And what greater service could He do than this–the World Prayer Day was an offering of service by Nath, Ghulam Rue Zameen, to the people of the world.

Thereafter as the years went by, Shri Nathji kept on observing the World Prayer Day year after year, calling upon the people of the world to unite together in prayer.

In 1986, Gorbachev of Russia suddenly appeared on the world scene. And Shri Nathji said: “God can accomplish His task through anyone He likes–even an atheist!”

Shri Bhola Nathji’s Historical Letter 1986

Shri Nathji wrote a long, historical joint letter to Gorbachev and Reagan (the Presidents of the Soviet Union and the USA respectively), the gist of which was as follows:

“This world is God’s creation… No human being has the right to destroy it.. Man is like a guest who has come into this world… he arrives one day, stays for one day, and then leaves one day… a guest has no right to destroy the house of the host…on the contrary he must try to make it more beautiful.. far better it will be if you will discard your weapons and missiles of destruction and instead use missiles of love…”

Shri Nathji’s missile of Love was this Historic letter, which was sent to both the leaders by Shri Nathji on the 28th of April 1986.


And then the miracles of God began happening–the newspapers of the world stated that on the 15th of May 1986, Reagan had for the first time written a friendly letter to Gorbachev. The friendly tone of the letter surprised the Soviets, coming so soon after the breakdown of the disarmament talks in the U.N.

In June 1986 the newspapers stated that Gorbachev had written a friend¬ly letter to Reagan. The entire world was astonished at seeing two avowed foes turn into friends overnight. The missiles of love had already begun to fly.

As Shri Nathji faithfully pursued the World Prayer Day, the world leaders continued with the Peace Talks they had initiated, and in December 1987, there was the famous Helsinki Agreement between the Soviet Union and the USA, which eased the danger for the whole world. The two superpowers agreed for the first time, to reduce nuclear weapons and then to gradually eliminate them. It was a Historic treaty and a great day for the world– and for the devotees of Shri Nathji, who saw in this, the hand of God.

There was Shri Nathji’s verse echoing silently over the seas and continents of the earth:

“Badle hai koyi aan men ab range zamaanaa
Aataa hai aman jaataa hai ab jange zamaanaa

Someone is going to change the face of the world in a trice,
The age if war is going and peace is on its way”

Even after 1987, Shri Nathji’s crusade continued over the years, because the Cold War still persisted despite the agreement. The two superpowers were still poles apart because of their ideological differences, which were irreconcilable; and the dangers of a nuclear confrontation were still very much present.

The Final Culmination 1992

In 1992, came the final culmination –the complete change in the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. This was one of the most dramatic events of History–something no man could ever have predicted or imagined. Suddenly the age of confrontation came to an end as the two superpowers turned friendly. The danger of a nuclear war was in fact now completely over.

Shri Nathji’s Historic crusade had worked behind the scenes and saved the world…
There can be no logical explanation for the sudden turn of events in the History of the world. Whenever two armies have stood armed to the teeth, as the two-superpower bloc armies had been, there had been inevitable war. Here was one of the greatest of History’s miracles. A miracle that saved mankind from certain annihilation and brought security for the future of the world. Shri Nathji had fulfilled the mission for which he had come into the world in the 20th century. The power of God had saved the world in an invisible, unseen way, and given the credit to the people of the world for their prayers for peace.

Shri Nathji said that the miracle of God had begun even earlier, when the nuclear weapons had developed in such large numbers:

“Is it not a miracle that with such a large nuclear arsenal there is not a single atomic bomb that has exploded in any corner of the world? The gun powder and the fuse are there – but there is no hand that might start the fire. The weapons were in the hands of men, but their hands were in the hands of God.”

A new era of peace dawned upon the planet earth. Mankind got a new lease of life. The magnitude of the event was so enormous that at first one missed it and became absorbed in the mundane affairs of the world once again.

Work Over

But Shri Nathji’s work on the planet earth was finished. The mission that He had set out to accomplish had been completed. Shri Nathji’s crusade was behind the change in the face of the earth, and those who have faith know that it was a miracle of God.

As the years had worn on, Shri Nathji had showed little signs of age. Though in his 80’s Shri Nathji still looked young. The Divine Glow on his Face was even more powerful than before. Divine Edicts flowed out of him all the time. His voice was still as powerful as it had ever been, and His brain was as fresh as it was in His youth. He could have lived on upon this planet for many years more. Indeed this may have been his intention to start with, but he changed his mind.

Shri Nathji’s love for the people around him and His concern for those in suffering were playing heavily upon His physical body. Shri Nathji had this propensity for taking upon Himself the ills of the people of the world around Him. He said He was forced to do this out of His love for them, like a mother would step in the way and save Her child from a stone, even though she receive the stone herself on her own body. This was Shri Nathji’s way of healing the sick –He would take their sufferings upon himself, especially those who had prayed earnestly to him.

Shri Nathji used to say that there were spiritual laws that had to be observed, and, in accordance with them, He could only relieve a person of his pain if He took that pain upon His own body. And Shri Nathji had done this all His life.

The Great Sacrifice

In 1981 doctors at the All India Institute of Medical Sciences had diagnosed that he had cancer in the fourth and last stage and that he had only a few more months to live. However Shri Nathji was undaunted and said: “If it is the Will of God then nothing can happen to me.” Over the years the cancer had disappeared completely from his body and a new era of health appeared to dawn uon him.

Up to 1984, when Shri Nathji began the World Prayer Day, He had been in near perfect health. But in January 1985 a woman approached him and prayed for the life of her husband who had had bye-pass surgery for his heart, which had proved to be unsuccessful. Doctors had given up all hope. She came to Shri Nathji on the 21st of January 1985, and wept bitterly at the feet of Shri Nathji, asking him to save her husband’s life, and not only that, but to bless him so that He could lead an active life in the future.

Shri Nathji listened to her in grave silence. He knew the terrible price He would have to pay in order to grant her the boon she wanted. But He accepted willingly–and told the lady that her wishes would be granted.

That very night Shri Nathji had a massive heart attack, which completely destroyed His health so that He remained practically bedridden and confined to His room for the next seven years. During this time the woman’s husband recovered miraculously and led an active life that even took him to far off places abroad. Shri Nathji always kept His promises.

Shri Nathji said: “People do not know how many dead persons are walking about in the world drawing their life-lines from me!”

While providing life to them, he would drain the strength out of his own physical body. It was in such a state of ill-health that Shri Nathji had carried on with His crusade for world peace after January 1985. Little did the people of the world know with what great sacrifice Shri Nathji was pleading for their survival.

His son, Priya Nath Mehta, who had been with him all along in the world prayer crusade, had been living with him since 25 years ever since he returned from Harvard. His association with Shri Nathji was so close that he rarely parted from his Father for even a few hours or minutes. He was looking after Shri Nathji so that Shri Nathji could continue His work in the world for mankind. For Shri Priya Nath, Shri Nathji was the most precious being upon earth, and he loved him more than anyone else in the world. In fact Shri Nathji was the whole world for him.

Despite the illness, Shri Nathji’s face became younger and younger day by day, so that by the time He had reached the age of 90, in 1992, His face was younger than it had been 12 years earlier. Even His hair was turning a natural black again. This was a miracle in itself. The Divine Light upon His face shone more brilliantly than ever before and His voice continued to command as divine words flowed out in an unending flow.

By the time it was 1991, Shri Nathji had become fairly well again, but another devotee was critically ill with a severe heart problem. This man sent repeated telegrams to Shri Nathji for divine help – and Shri Nathji listened to His prayers – and took a second Heart attack upon His gentle body so that the man could recover.

This was one of the greatest acts of forgiveness of Shri Nathji. The man had greatly sinned against Shri Nathji in the years past, but when he prayed for help, Shri Nathji not only forgave him but took his ailment upon His own body. Everyone thought Shri Nathji would not survive this terrible second heart attack, but Shri Nathji proved everyone wrong and bounced back into life again.

Wrote Over 30,000 Poems

At the start of 1992 Shri Nathji was fairly active again. By this time He had completed about 30,000 ghazals (poems) in Urdu, and He was preparing to celebrate the forthcoming 9th World Prayer Day in the month of June 1992.

But in May 1992, the same person whose wife had made Shri Nathji give her His word – about her husband’s life – came to Delhi and had a serious heart problem again for which two opera¬tions were required.

On the 13th of May 1992, Shri Nathji, who had been walking about, doing almost a 100 rounds of walking in his house, suddenly stopped walking. This was His last tryst with other people’s sufferings. This time Shri Nathji did not get well.

World Prayer for Environment

On the 23rd of May 1992, Shri Nathji wrote the Prayer for the Environment, which was the first of its kind ever to have been written in the history of mankind. Along with the Prayer he also wrote a special Message to the people of the world for the preservation of the environment.

His devotee, Shri D.N. Sinha, took the Prayer and Shri Nathji’s Message to the Earth Summit, which was being held at Rio De Janeiro, Brazil. 170 heads of State were attending. As Shri Nathji’s Prayer for the Environment was read out, the assembly stood up as a mark of respect.

It was a measure of Shri Nathji’s divine power that the people of the world became much more conscious of preserving the environment in the days to come and great efforts were made by the nations of the world to free the world of pollution.

Shri Nathji had described the environment as the “Glory of God”, His Creation, and had written at the end of the Message:

His Glory is in every Sphere
And all things whisper, ‘God is Here’.

The Last Public Appearance

It was with superhuman strength that Shri Nathji observed the World Prayer Day on June 23, 1992, at FICCI Hall, New Delhi, and bade a farewell to the people of the world. There was a very powerful spiritual radiance on his face on that day, and his vibrations were going out to all corners of the world as never before.

The people of the world were witnessing the last appearance on stage of Shri Nathji, as he led them in the World Prayer for Peace on his last World Prayer Day in human form on the 23rd of June 1992.

On September 6, 1992, Shri Nathji quietly left the world at the age of 90.
Shri Nathji’s words echoed in Priya Nath’s ears:

“Zameen ko jab bhee chhorrenge munnavar auj kee khaatir
Chale jaayenge chupke se shuaaye baam ko lekar

Whenever I leave the earth for my abode of Glory above,
I shall go, quietly, riding high on a Ray of Light from the skies”

Shri Nathji had become much more powerful than He ever was, after He left His body. He had stepped out of the limitations imposed by the body, and had spread everywhere in the fulness of His Divine Glory. His work upon this planet had come to an end –a glorous end.

Priya Nath Carrying the Torch

Shri Nathji’s work in life was complete. However, His teachings and writings which were amongst the most beautiful upon earth, had to be taken to mankind , so that people could benefit from them. It was on Shri Priya Nath’s shoulders that the burden of this work fell, in the memory of Shri Nathji, so that the world would never forget him nor forget what He did for the world.

And it was Priya Nath’s voice:

“Ham to zindaa hain ke duniyaa men teraa naam rahe,
Kaheen mumkin hai ke Saaki na rahe jaam rahe

I live in this world so that Thy name be made known,
How canst there be no Saki, but only the cup of wine?”

A great revelation that Shri Nathji left behind for the people of the world is His renowned “Message of Peace” which has become a part of the daily lives of many, giving them peace and beatitude. In this very brief writing Shri Nathji has given the essence of all of spirituality.


“Convey through me to those who walk in the way of Divine Love such a message that they may themselves proceed one stage further on the way to self- surrender.”

Neither this world alone nor the renunciation of the world can give us rest. Rest is in this alone that we receive the world’s Creator into our hearts and learn to live in the world. Renunciation–the greatest is to know that all things are God’s. Enthusiasm–the greatest is that He is with us. Courage–the greatest is that we belong to Him. Relationship–the greatest is that we are His children. Devotion–the highest is that in all things we see Him.

Man is made for activity; that is life. Since the divine creation is immortal, one should act to make it more beautiful; yet so act as by renunciation of desire to purify oneself. Forsaking selfish ends, one should devote all one’s powers to the Master’s service. This attitude alone will bring you fulness of perfect peace.
You know that in this world death is certain, so profit from this certainty and devote your life to truth, universal love, and the service of others.

For the drop to merge itself in the ocean is eternal life. The drop gives to the ocean its insignificance, and the ocean gives to it its infinitude. You are made neither for life nor for death, but rather in life to die and in death to live.
Let not your gaze rest on outward show or conflict or difference, but let it rest on reality and truth. Look not on the drop, the wave, or the swirling current, but look on the water, which takes these many forms.

Is not the world God’s world and those who live in it His children? Then whom can you despise? No matter if you cannot retire to the forest; serve God Here by the performance of your duties. Seek no reward for your service; the reward will come of itself.

If you think of reward, your Master may doubt whether you love Him or love only the things He can give. Do your utmost to think of service itself as the reward of every good action. Devote yourself to it and all else will follow. Direct your steps towards the sun and your shadow will follow you.

If your Master keeps you in poverty, be happy in that state because it is your Master’s gift. Love the thorns more than the rose and consider their wounds better than balm.

Self-surrender means that if He keeps you apart you be not grieved, and if He wishes to meet you, you hasten your steps toward Him. Think not that by accepting separation from Him you are really apart; by this very act you unite yourself with His Will and that means union with Him.

Yes, you should walk just as He wishes you to walk, not as you wish. He does not refuse to follow you, but He fears that to do so would work you harm, for your understanding is gross and your knowledge inadequate.

He loves you for your good, and you for your welfare and repose love and worship Him. Is this justified? Learn to love Him for His own sake. People think Him selfish that He desires worship, but they understand not that in this way by conferring His own presence He wishes to give perfect joy.

He alone does not rest in His repose. He wishes to draw the whole world to Himself. When He purges away a man’s sins, that is not to be counted as harshness. He is merciful and kind; His every action is free of harshness. It is our wounds that pain by the application of His ointment. Why are you troubled? Do you not belong to God and is He not yours? This thought will cleanse your mind in every trouble. Follow truth and care not what labour it may bring. He, whose laws you keep, Himself will care for you.

Ask of Him one tiny bit of faith and you will have no desire more. All have one Father and all are His children–in this thought all religious differences and conflicts will cease. Let each person follow His own path, and do you follow yours.
If anyone despise you, love him. Love even atheists, because God is present in them. If within the Divine Being one is an atheist, why should you cease to see the Divine Being in him? Does not the very existence of him who denies prove the existence of God? Does not the picture prove the artist? The great virtue of this world is that He appears in all, or all appears in Him.

Different religions are but different paths to one goal. If anyone ill-treats you, leave him to God, not that He may be punished but with a petition that He may receive mercy, and for yourself ask courage and patience to bear His injustice.
If suffering has enclosed you and you cannot escape, then follow that tested prescription of forsaking all trust in yourself and your powers, and laying all your troubles before your Master wait to see what He will bring. Either you will be released from that trouble, or you will be given strength to bear it; only let there be no pretence in your surrender.

Don’t for an instant empty your mind of the thought of Him, and you will have no danger. If you have gained all, but have lost faith in Him, you have erred greatly; but if you have lost all and gained Him you are wise.

Someone asked me, “How does one find God?” I said, “Awaken a hunger for him.” He asked again, “How to awaken hunger?” Then I said, “Associate with those who hunger after Him, those who desire Him. Seek to see God with your Heart, not your mind. The chief thing is this that you should never stray from the garden of truth, universal love and faith, and that you should do good to all men at all times. Your Master Himself will come and take your hand.”

Renounce all thought of my and mine,
And from a drop become the sea.
Lose thou thyself in Truth Divine,
And know thou art Infinity.

Ghulam Rue Zameen
The Servant of the Earth


The video below shows HH Shri Bhola Nathji in 1991, at the age of 89, dancing to the tune of his Urdu Poetry in which he visualises a oneness with the Universe and God.

In this Universe of Light
I stand shoulder to shoulder with the Galaxies,

In this perishable world, I am a particle of dust and a drop of water,
But if seen with care then I am the desert and the ocean as well,

I am united with every heart and yet separate from them all,
I am the bliss that resides in every heart

I am the darkness of the night,
And the rising hope of dawn

I know of the mysteries of creation
Of every article in the Universe

Mine eyes have seen the Glory of Light above,
I have now become the radiance of Light itself

The video below depicts HH Shri Bhola Nathji in various dresses of the world depicting a oneness of mankind. In the background his famous Message of Peace is being read out by Priya Nath Mehta. The video shows HH Shri Bhola Nathjji as an incredibly handsome man even at the age of 81. He was known as the handsomest man in the world at one time.