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A bridge of helping hands appeared for him. He found an immediate substitute for his job. It was a friend and colleague of his, an American by the name of Carl Wolf. The person said to him: “Don’t worry about the work here, I will attend to it. Get the best possible medical aid for your mother.”
His boss, Dr. Albert V. Baez, gave him immediate leave. “I realise how you must be feeling,” said Dr. Baez, “I felt the same way when my mother was ill.”
Members of Harvard Project Physics for whom Priya Nath had been working, as well as the University authorities were amazingly sympathetic and helpful. They gave him his emoluments before time. Friends like Dr. Winick, Dr. Zeltzer and Mr. Mandel came to help him in any way they could.
Kopr Kritayakirana, Priya Nath’s Thai friend and former roommate at Harvard, promised to look after his room and belongings. Priya Nath said to him on a cryptic note:
“Something tells me that this is my last day in America and that I won’t be returning again.”
Priya Nath had to go to New York to catch the plane for London from there. At the New York Airport where Priya Nath had to purchase a ticket, there was a long queue of Americans.
The moment they found out that Priya Nath’s mother was ill and he had to get a ticket urgently, they all made way for him, each one saying with great concern and sympathy: “His mother is ill.”
Priya Nath had never seen so many helpful people at any time before. It was Shri Nathji’s helping hand that was making his return possible at each and every step.
Pran Nath left everything behind in America–his job, his belongings, his car, his books and studies and arrived in London.