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Mateshwari was eagerly waiting for Priya Nath. She asked that her hair be combed and talcum powder applied to her face, because she knew that Priya Nath had always wanted to see her looking well. As Priya Nath entered the room and embraced her she said:
“Priya, you have come! The happiness of seeing you will remain with me till my last moments! Priyaji aap aa gaye. Ye khushi mere saath marte dam tak rahegi.”
Shri Nathji was in a silent, pensive mood. He had been carrying out his duties as a husband to the point of perfection. Though nurses had been provided by the hospital for home treatment, Shri Nathji had been doing a large part of their work himself. During the time that Priya Nath was there, he saw Shri Nathji attend to Mateshwari like no nurse in the world could have done. No husband in the world could have served Mateshwari as Shri Nathji did. He had fulfilled his part to perfection.
Just before Mateshwari lost consciousness forever, Shri Nathji prepared a chappaati himself, and placed a tiny morsel of the food in her mouth with his own hands.
Shri Nathji spoke on the phone to Dr. Rane and said:

“Sozish hai ik dam ki aur raahate davaami
Parvaane kaa ye mushkil kuchh imtahaan naheen hai

The burning is for a moment only, and the Life, Eternal–
It is no difficult test, this, for the moth.”

As Mateshwari began to lose physical consciousness, Priya Nath telephoned the emergency medical aid services, who removed Mateshwari to St. Mary’s Hospital in London. A certain Dr. Bostroff attended upon her. Both, Pran Nath and Priya Nath, offered their kidneys for a transplant if it was possi­ble. But the doctor shook his head. It was too late. He said he would try his best, and that the case would take some time. He urged Shri Nathji and Pran Nath to return home and rest for a few hours. Priya Nath thought he heard Mateshwari calling: Nathji! Nathji!