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When Priya Nath left Shri Nathji in London in the summer of 1965, there was a moment when he asked Shri Nathji to record a brief speech, and, as he listened to Shri Nathji’s words, he felt himself drowned in his divine love.
Priya Nath had just one hour left before they went to the London Airport, and Shri Nathji spoke to him in the ground floor room of 10, Fawley Road, the microphone of the tape recorder in his hand and his eyes shut.
Shri Nathji spoke of the lover of God who had waited for a long time for the Lord to come, and who had finally died, leaving behind his last wish in the following verse:

Sange magnatees ki ho lauha meri qabr par
Yaar kaa rakhtaa hai tausan naalaa aahan zere paa

Let my tombstone be made of magnetic rock,
For the horse of my Friend wears iron on its feet

Priya Nath ever afterwards recalled those divine moments, when Shri Nathji’s words had pierced his heart and touched him to the point of tears, and Shri Nathji himself had said with closed eyes, even as he was delivering his speech:

“Wah! Piyaji! Aaj kaisaa kamaal kaa flow aapki taraf jaa rahaa hai!”

“How wonderful, Piyaji! What a unique flow is going out towards you today!”

It was the one and only time in Priya Nath’s life that Shri Nathji gave a speech to Priya Nath directly addressed to him.
Priya Nath and Pran Nath had always asked Shri Nathji why he never spoke to them on spiritual themes like he spoke to the devotees, and he had always replied:
“You do not need lectures. Your souls are ever enlightened.”
Priya Nath retained the tape recording and played it before his friends at Harvard, all of whom were greatly touched and affected by Shri Nathji’s words and his divine voice that made time stand still. Kopr Kritayakirana, Priya Nath’s roommate at Harvard, who could not understand a word of Hindi said: “There is something very touching in the voice. Whatever he is saying sounds very convincing!”
Over the years one of the greatest losses of Priya Nath was that tape recording which he was not able to find, and which contained Shri Nathji’s loving lecture given only for his sake on the day he was to leave London in the summer of 1965.