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A great tragedy was averted at Teheran Airport where the plane had stopped for a while. Shri Nathji had gone to the washrooms at the airport, which were located in the basement. While he was inside, someone came and mischievously locked the door from the outside.
As the time came for the plane to leave, Sri Krishen and Pran Nath boarded the plane, but there was no sign of Shri Nathji. Priya Nath heard the sound of Shri Nathji pounding on the door in the basement of the airport. He rushed downstairs to the washrooms and located Shri Nathji there and unlocked the door.
Both, Priya Nath and Shri Nathji, were barely able to reach the plane in time.  A terrible disaster had been averted. Shri Nathji would ever afterwards recall the episode, praising Priya Nath’s role in saving him at the time. He would say:
“Uss vakt agar Priya Nathji naa hote to naa maalum kyaa ho jaanaa thhaa! We cannot conjecture what might have happened if Priya Nathji had not been there at the time.”