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The Portrait
An old lady in Mussoorie was finally able to persuade him to part with the painting, and she arrived the next day accompanied by a brass band, and took the por­trait home in a decorated rickshaw accompanied by the music.
This brought a series of protests from many of Shri Nathji’s devotees, all of whom had wanted the painting. Shri Nathji finally thought of a solution. He would keep the portrait himself–so that all who came to him could look upon it!
How can I part with it? said the old lady, it is my refuge in life!
Mataji, Shri Nathji said to her, I cannot divide one thing into many parts to please everyone, therefore I ask you for this painting!
“But let me give you a lasting assurance–though this painting will no longer be with you, you shall see me in each and every particle, in each and every leaf!”
And after the old lady had given the portrait to Shri Nathji that was exactly what happened. She remained in a state of perpetual bliss with Shri Nathji’s image always before her eyes.