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At the Sufi meeting, there was a retired air force officer in the group, who was a cripple, and who had mystical powers of observation.
He said to Priya Nath:
Really, your father is very humble! I mean it! I have never seen such abject humility in all my life! The aura around him is that of a Messiah, a World Teacher! There is a large golden circle around him all the time. All who come within this aura are purified!
The lady who was the head of the Sufi group said to Priya Nath:
I feel that your father is the handsomest man in the whole world!
Shri Nathji’s reply to such a description would ever be the verse:

Jamaale ham nasheen dar man asar kard
Vagarnaa man hamaan khaakam ke hastam

It is the light of my Eternal Friend that illumines me,
Otherwise I am that dust from which I was taken.

There was the 80 year old American lady who said to Shri Nathji:
Wherever you go, you purify the atmosphere, the Divine Grace from your body blesses all the creatures who come close to you; spiritual benedictions radiate from your body!
Shri Nathji recalled the words of Justice Abbas Ali Tyyab in Mussoorie in the early 1930’s, who had said exactly the same sentence, albeit in a different language, thirty years back:

Jab aap sarrak par chalte hain to ruhaaniyat chaaron taraf barasti hai.”

“When you walk on the road divinity showers down all around you!”