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In America, Shri Nathji met a lady, a certain Mrs. Coomaraswamy, who was initially from Brazil, one of the South American States.
She wanted to see Shri Nathji especially and warn him. She had come to know that Shri Nathji was a genuine spiritual preceptor.
Go away from this country, she said to Shri Nathji, sincere people like you cannot exist here. They destroyed my husband. They will destroy you, too!
Her implication was that if Shri Nathji stayed long enough in America he would become like other spiritualists, that he would lose his spirituality in the false glitter of materialism, that he would be exploited by unscrupulous men who would become his devotees for material gain.
This had happened in the past. Some relatively simple spiritual men had fallen a prey to the devices of gangs of exploiters who attached themselves to the holy men and built up their images, established centres and ashrams, purely for the comfort of an easy life, where money would flow in with the minimum possible effort.
The Indian gurus, yogis and swamis who sought to exploit the gullible American often found that the gullible American was not so gullible. What resulted in the end was a partnership of mutual benefit. The gurus got what they wanted after they had sold their spiritual values, and the devotees got the kind of gurus they wanted.
Mrs. Coomaraswamy realised soon enough that Shri Nathji’s spiritual values were not for sale. Not all the wealth in the Universe could purchase God.
He had stopped the Rosboroughs from passing the plate around, after his sermons, saying: If you do that, I shall cease to meet anyone! My son’s earnings are sufficient for me!
As Shri Nathji began speaking to Mrs. Coomaraswamy, her tormented soul began experiencing a sensation of immense peace and happiness.
Shri Nathji told Mrs. Coomaraswamy a very interesting parable.
Oh, that is one of the most delightful spiritual stories I have ever heard! she said, Please write it down when you have time and give me a copy of it!
Shri Nathji never found time to write it down, unfortunately. The parable was as follows: