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Shri Nathji’s explanations thrilled them. His description of idol-worship was also very convincing, and new:
An idol merely serves as a reminder of God, the spirit. It is like having a picture of your friend in the house. Each time you look at the picture, you are reminded of your friend.
“When you talk through a telephone, it is not the telephone you are talking to, but rather the person on the other end of the line.
“An idol serves a similar purpose for many. The worship they offer to it is directed towards God. Upon set­ting eyes on the image they are reminded only of God and no one else. To that extent, the image serves a useful purpose.
“God, who is everywhere, and in everything, even in the small­est of atoms, can also exist within an idol of stone. He understands the intention of man, regardless of his mode of worship.
“He can give to a worshipper the fruits of his devotion through any medium He chooses–even through the medium of an idol. The one who answers prayers is God alone. The idol serves as a useful medium for concentration.
“When man has advanced further spiritually, he can visualise God within himself. God shall then speak to him from within!