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Shri Nathji was given a welcome by the Rotary Club in Melrose, a suburb of Boston, where he met a building contractor and an Iranian dentist settled in America. The building Contractor would not leave Shri Nathji that day and took him to his house for lunch.
While on the way to the man’s house, Shri Nathji recollected having left his sun glasses behind at the Rotary Club. The car was turned around and the sun glasses found outside the club premises on the ground. It was Nature’s method of giving the man a few additional moments to serve God.
When you speak of God, he asked with typical American innocence on such matters, do you mean a spirit?
Apparently many Americans still thought that Indians worshipped a plethora of gods and goddesses in idol form as a substitute for God. The very concept of idol worship was difficult for them to understand.