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An advocate from the U.P., Shri Durga Dayal, was in Mussoorie at the time Shri Nathji was there. He was very desirous of meeting Shri Nathji, but unfortunately no one gave him Shri Nathji’s address. It was a strange situation–even though everyone in Mussoorie knew of Shri Nathji, yet no one seemed to know where he was at that time!
His wife had a dream in the early morning on their third day in Mussoorie. Shri Nathji appeared before her as the small child, Krishna. She told her husband of the dream. And that very day they found Shri Nathji walking on the Camel’s Back Road outside the main town!
Shri Durga Dayal bent down and placed his solar hat at Shri Nathji’s feet, and recited the following verse in praise of the divine beauty and the divine power of Shri Nathji:
Husne Yusuf dame Eesaa yade Baizaadaari
Anchay khoobaan hamaa daarand to tanhaadaari
The beauty of Yusuf, the breath of Christ, and the rod of Moses,
That which all of them had, Thou hast with Thee, all alone.
O Nathji, he said, give my boat but one more push, and I shall cross the ocean.
“Meri kishti ko ek aur dhakkaa lagaa den taaki main bhavsaagar ke paar ho jaaoon!”